PBA Regional @ St. Charles Lanes – St. Charles, MO. 7/16/17

Hello again,

This was my 3rd PBA tournament back since rejoining a couple of months back. The 1st PBA tournament after my 2nd regional win in Marengo, IL. This one did not go quite as well. Things started off well enough until the 9th frame of the first game. We bowled on Viper pattern. It was pretty sensitive at the start of the tournament, meaning accuracy was important. I am getting a little older so maintaining accuracy is getting to be more work than it used to be.

I bowled pretty well the first game only to finish poorly with a 190, little did I know this would be a theme of this tournament for me early. In game 2, was lost to start, found it for a 5 bagger, then lost it in the most important frames. For those of you wondering what I mean, If you have the worst game you could possibly have and you can figure out a way to strike in the 9th and 10th frames of each game, you add 60 pins to your total for that game. That can turn the worst of games into something manageable. I finished game 2 with a 177 game. Then came game 3, 3 splits, hardly any strikes, and a missed single pin spare handed me a 147 game.

After calming down a little and figuring out, I needed to be further left again, I was able to put games of 202,201,233, and a last game of 227 that should have been a 270 something at worst. I left a 9 pin in the 1st and 5th frames and a solid 7 pin in the 8th to prevent me from potentially having 9 in a row and getting into the cut. Unfortunately luck was not on my side for that today.

I finished -23 with the cut at +27, and in a one day event and 7 game format, I needed another game to make up the ground I lost in the first 3.

I believe I said in the last post, I need to keep practicing my spares and try to pick up at least a couple more splits in these events to give myself a little more breathing room for the cuts, or hell, maybe even leading some of these events. Consistency needs to keep getting better.


The next event will be at Premier lanes in Raytown, MO on 7/23/17.

6 game format and handicap as there is nothing else around to bowl. 😦

July 9th Tournament at Belt Bowl in St. Joseph, MO.

I am Sorry this took a while to get to, but there is a lot going on as usual. Seriously though, I have no excuse. It is definitely not as exciting writing these about failed (or to be positive), learning experiences.

Usually, at least lately when I start bowling in a tournament I make good decisions to start. This tournament that was not the case. I actually thought I had a decent look in practice, but what I realized much later is that I need to trust my decisions a little more. I hesitated starting as far left as this pattern required for my game. I don’t have an excuse in this tournament other than I just didn’t bowl well on what ended up being a very hooky pattern. Game 4 really killed my chances in a 6 game format. I am definitely going to have to work on figuring out how to stay out of these type of games in short format events.

At any rate, I assume you can tell I did not cash in this event. Here are the results, overall not horrible on spares, but I need to stop leaving splits and get to 100% on single pin spare shooting.

Practice……. Here I come….. Eventually.


Next event is a PBA Regional event on 7/16/17 @ St. Charles lanes in St. Charles, MO


July 4th Tournament at Olathe East, Olathe KS

Well Hello again,

Today’s tournament was an 8 game format. We bowled 8 games skipping a pair every game until the last game when we moved one pair to the right to avoid hitting the same pair we started on. The pattern for this tournament was the 2011 Polish Cup Pattern.

My starting pair was 5-6, During practice I was throwing the Storm Code Red, and the Phaze 2, also by storm. When practice was over, I decided to try my Storm Sure lock on the first ball since I had an idea of what I was looking for on the lanes, luckily it paid off and I struck on my first ball with it. The sure lock is a pretty strong ball and gave me a look on the lanes that I thought was better than the other 2 to start. This pattern played pretty much up the 5 board, you couldn’t hit 4 without leaving a washout, or 6(most of the time – It was a little unpredictable at times.)

During the first game, one of the pairs that would have been in play broke down and that brought lanes 31-32 into play. Later in the middle of qualifying but before we got to the pair, 23-24 also broke down and we had to go bowl on the fresh oil on lanes 1-2. Normally I would have been happy about that, but in this case, lane 1 was hooking about 5 more than lane 2 and I definitely didn’t see it soon enough to make the move. I shot 162 on lanes 1-2 – before that game, I was +34 and close to the cash line. I won’t bore you with the rest of the details, but my games were in order:

215,  195, 198, 226, 162, 248, 217, 169 – the last game was on lanes 3-4, On this pair I ended up having to move my feet 11 on one lane, and 13 boards on the other as this pair was hooking a lot. Needless to say, I didn’t cash in the tournament today, but the good news for me was I did figure out my new spare ball and only missed 1 out of 25 Single pin attempts today. I will attach the images from Pinpal that I kept while bowling today.

Game 5 was on lanes 1-2, and game 8 was on 3-4. Congratulations to Olivia Sandham for the win today, as well as Jesse Bauer and Devin Bidwell for making the final 4.

Here they are:



Till Next Time – Sunday July 9th at Belt Bowl in Saint Joseph, MO.

Kansas City Tournaments 7/1/17

Another Tournament is in the books, this time at Summit Lanes in Lee’s Summit, MO.

This tournament was conducted on the PBA Scorpion pattern (41′ version). The format of this tournament was bowl 6 games, then cut to top 4 for a stepladder style roll-off.

It played fairly difficult especially early and late in the tournament. See images below for details on the bowling.

I was able to qualify in second. In my roll off match I had to stand in front of the ball return on the right lane to get my Storm Hyroad to the pocket. I threw that ball all day with the exception of the first game when I switched to the Code Red for a game. The shot was difficult, but I still had an opportunity to win my match. Unfortunately, I missed too many spares in that game. I finished in 3rd place and also important, made a profit.

After bowling we went to Pizza Ranch, placed our order and waited………….. for 45 minutes, when we asked about our food, we were told it wasn’t even on the conveyor yet. We asked for a refund and went to culvers instead. 🙂

Lessons learned:

  1.     I still have a lot of work to do to not allow myself to be distracted.
  2.     I will continue to practice and prepare for the senior tour next year.
  3.     Don’t try to eat at Pizza Ranch.

Thank you for reading.

Next tournament is on July 4th, 2017 at Olathe East lanes.


PBA Regional Events

After my world series of bowling in 2010, and doing well in the Cheetah Championship during that event, I bowled a couple more regionals in 2011 and decided to drop my card. Fast forward 6 1/2 years and I decided to get my card back.

I had made a change or 2 to my game including going to Tennis Shoes since I was having so many issues with approaches and humidity. This was a pretty big change for me since I was using the red heel and an S8 pad on my old bowling shoes. I needed to try to find a way to at least eliminate the thought of sticking or sliding too much out of my head so I could actually concentrate on what shot I was trying to make.

My first event back was at the Junction City, KS event on Chameleon pattern. I had never really bowled well on this pattern, but I have also never cared what we were bowling on, as you will not get better skipping those patterns. The first couple of games were ok and after 3 I was at +40, This could have been +80-100 but I missed more spares than I had missed in a very long time. The next 2 games were a struggle and I found myself at -48 after 5. The cut line was looking to be around +75-80 at that point, but you never know. I made a ball change and was able to shoot 728 for the last 3 and get to + 88 for the tournament. Cut ended up being +84. Sunday I was lost most of the day and finished exactly in the same position I started the day. 15th. – Cashing in this tournament was a gift, so I took it.

My next event was on 06-17-17, and 6-18-17 (Father’s Day)

PBA Glo Bowl Midwest Open Presented By Sam Adams and 900 Global

In this event I was pretty consistent on the Cheetah pattern. I was able to throw the Storm Code Black most of the day in qualifying with the exception of a few pairs that played really tight in the back end of the lane. On those lanes (3 pairs), I used a Pin down Phaze 2 playing straight up the 8 board. I was able to put together games of 223,236,197,237,237,245,183,254 for a 1812 total +212 for 8 games and qualified in 8th, luckily they were taking 8 for match play on Sunday.

Sunday I had matched up to bowl A.J Johnson in the first match which was best of 5 games. A.J started with a Pitch black and I was able to use the code black. For the first time in almost three months, my back and shoulder had not been bothering me very much at all so I felt pretty good, I was able to win the first game 238-228, the second game 231-213, I lost the 3rd game. A.J switched to a haywire and beat me 245-190, the 4th game was looking to be similar although A.J had a couple shots that didn’t carry and I was able to sneak by winning the 4th game 247-225. Next up was Nathan Michalowski.

Nathan was throwing 900 Global stuff and I am not familiar with their equipment, He had a decent look, although I thought mine was better. This was a best of 3 match and there was a point in the game where it seemed like both of us were lost although close. I was able to win game 1 211-193 – Nathan had a split in the 10th frame. On game 2 I was fortunate once again as Nathan had another split in the 10th. The score of this one was 228-212.

Last up for the Championship was David Beres who had bowled extremely well all weekend. David had just come off winning the match against Tom Hess, who had 2 300 games in this weekends tournament. One of them in the first match of match play. In our match David used the Brunswick Fire Quantum and I was still using the Code Black. I started with the first 3 strikes, then came around the side of the ball a little and left a 2-10. Struck again, then in the 6th frame tugged it a little and left the 3,4,6,10, luckily I made the conversion, and threw the next 5 strikes to win the match and the tournament 241-228.

During this tournament I had some good breaks and some bad ones. You have to have those to win anything in bowling these days. I am starting to become a believer in the whole you create your own luck. The more you work at something the luckier you get.

This will always be a work in progress and learning will never end. I will be 50 in 1 year and 2 months, so winning again at 48 felt really good. Thank you to everyone that bowled the tournament. A.J Johnson, Tom Hess, Dave Beres, Nathan Michalowski, were all awesome this weekend.

See ya at the next one. Well, the one in July, My daughter is getting married this weekend.

Upgrades – 2016

Hello once again,

I figured I would go ahead and list all the upgrades to the center this summer.

Upgraded Pinsetters from AMF 82-30’s to AMF 82-70’s

New Floor, Ceiling

New Kegel IKON lane Machine

Remodeled Restrooms

and a few new house balls and Shoes.


Bowling is a sport for everyone

Good morning all,

After reading several sports posts lately, I thought I would remind the youth, as well as all adults, that bowling is a sport for everyone. Everyone can play, everyone on a team does play every turn, every frame. Unlike other sports where people have to sit on the bench and watch the sport they love, in bowling you get to participate every time.

If you haven’t been lately, now is the time to get out and go bowling.

I will be attaching a spare shooting cheat sheet. This works most of the time on a wide variety of conditions, of course everyone is a little different, but if you are struggling with spares and want to improve your game, memorize this sheet or print and take it with you the next time you bowl. What do you have to lose. Chances are you can increase your average anywhere from 10-50 pins per game with a little practice. SpareShootingcheatsheet

Fall 2015 League Season

Hello all, I guess it’s time for my once a year blog post. A new season is upon us and good news we have new pins this year. Currently we are accepting league signups for all leagues.

  • Tuesday Women’s – 5 person Women’s Handicap League – Starts 9/8/15 at 6:15 for Practice 6:30 start time
  • Wednesday Men’s – 5 person Men’s Handicap Matchpoint League – Starts 9-2-15 – Practice at 6:45pm. (Need 3 to fill league)
  • Thursday Women’s – 5 person Womens Handicap League – Starts 9-3-15 – Practice at 6:45 starts at 7 – Team openings
  • Friday Mixed – 4 person teams (any combo of Men/Women) – Starts 9-11-15 Practice at 6:45 starts at 7 (1 team to fill)
  • Saturday Youth Bowling (All Ages 5-18) – Signups September 19th, 2015 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Free bowling and shoe rental during that time for all youth who sign up for a league. $15 Sanction fee includes all awards and Bowling Shirt.

We are also adding a few things to the menu this year.

Bowling Tip of the Month:

League Bowling

It’s time for me to start posting on a more regular basis, so I am going to commit to posting a new blog every 2 weeks.

Today I am going to discuss a little bit about bowling a league. First I will say that league bowling is for everyone, kids, Adults, and anyone with any skill set. You see, Bowling is a sport that is Fun, Challenging as well as a great social experience. You get to bowl with friends, as well as meet new people.

There is no requirement to be a “good” bowler, the only thing you need to do is show up every week, and have fun. If you can’t show up, you can find someone else to ‘Sub’ for you. Bowling league is fair for everyone because there is handicap given to bowlers that don’t have as much experience  as others. For Example – If I have an average of 200 and your average is 130, your handicap is dependent on the league but in most cases your handicap would be between 56 and 70 pins per game. So if you bowl a 130 your score with handicap would be 186 – 200 depending on the percentage given by the league.

I will be posting several tips as well as cheat sheets for bowling to pick up spares and will also be available at the bowling center from 5-10 Tuesday’s – Friday’s.

As always you can email me at: Brian@brookfieldbowl.com

Our website is: www.brookfieldbowl.com

I am Brian and ibowl

Introduction of IBowl

Welcome to iBowl – Our Bi-Weekly Blog to discuss information under the following topics:

  • Bowling Tips
  • Youth League Scores and Stories
  • Adult League Scores and Stories
  • Tournament Information and Standings
  • Bowler Profiles
  • Ball Reviews 
  • Introduction to new leagues or information relevant to Bowling and Brookfield

Any ideas you have for things you would like to see, please feel free to let me know by email at:  Brian@brookfieldbowl.com