PBA Regional Events

After my world series of bowling in 2010, and doing well in the Cheetah Championship during that event, I bowled a couple more regionals in 2011 and decided to drop my card. Fast forward 6 1/2 years and I decided to get my card back.

I had made a change or 2 to my game including going to Tennis Shoes since I was having so many issues with approaches and humidity. This was a pretty big change for me since I was using the red heel and an S8 pad on my old bowling shoes. I needed to try to find a way to at least eliminate the thought of sticking or sliding too much out of my head so I could actually concentrate on what shot I was trying to make.

My first event back was at the Junction City, KS event on Chameleon pattern. I had never really bowled well on this pattern, but I have also never cared what we were bowling on, as you will not get better skipping those patterns. The first couple of games were ok and after 3 I was at +40, This could have been +80-100 but I missed more spares than I had missed in a very long time. The next 2 games were a struggle and I found myself at -48 after 5. The cut line was looking to be around +75-80 at that point, but you never know. I made a ball change and was able to shoot 728 for the last 3 and get to + 88 for the tournament. Cut ended up being +84. Sunday I was lost most of the day and finished exactly in the same position I started the day. 15th. – Cashing in this tournament was a gift, so I took it.

My next event was on 06-17-17, and 6-18-17 (Father’s Day)

PBA Glo Bowl Midwest Open Presented By Sam Adams and 900 Global

In this event I was pretty consistent on the Cheetah pattern. I was able to throw the Storm Code Black most of the day in qualifying with the exception of a few pairs that played really tight in the back end of the lane. On those lanes (3 pairs), I used a Pin down Phaze 2 playing straight up the 8 board. I was able to put together games of 223,236,197,237,237,245,183,254 for a 1812 total +212 for 8 games and qualified in 8th, luckily they were taking 8 for match play on Sunday.

Sunday I had matched up to bowl A.J Johnson in the first match which was best of 5 games. A.J started with a Pitch black and I was able to use the code black. For the first time in almost three months, my back and shoulder had not been bothering me very much at all so I felt pretty good, I was able to win the first game 238-228, the second game 231-213, I lost the 3rd game. A.J switched to a haywire and beat me 245-190, the 4th game was looking to be similar although A.J had a couple shots that didn’t carry and I was able to sneak by winning the 4th game 247-225. Next up was Nathan Michalowski.

Nathan was throwing 900 Global stuff and I am not familiar with their equipment, He had a decent look, although I thought mine was better. This was a best of 3 match and there was a point in the game where it seemed like both of us were lost although close. I was able to win game 1 211-193 – Nathan had a split in the 10th frame. On game 2 I was fortunate once again as Nathan had another split in the 10th. The score of this one was 228-212.

Last up for the Championship was David Beres who had bowled extremely well all weekend. David had just come off winning the match against Tom Hess, who had 2 300 games in this weekends tournament. One of them in the first match of match play. In our match David used the Brunswick Fire Quantum and I was still using the Code Black. I started with the first 3 strikes, then came around the side of the ball a little and left a 2-10. Struck again, then in the 6th frame tugged it a little and left the 3,4,6,10, luckily I made the conversion, and threw the next 5 strikes to win the match and the tournament 241-228.

During this tournament I had some good breaks and some bad ones. You have to have those to win anything in bowling these days. I am starting to become a believer in the whole you create your own luck. The more you work at something the luckier you get.

This will always be a work in progress and learning will never end. I will be 50 in 1 year and 2 months, so winning again at 48 felt really good. Thank you to everyone that bowled the tournament. A.J Johnson, Tom Hess, Dave Beres, Nathan Michalowski, were all awesome this weekend.

See ya at the next one. Well, the one in July, My daughter is getting married this weekend.


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I am Brian Menini a Professional Bowler during the years 2000-2011, & 2017- ???? . I currently own Brookfield Bowl in Brookfield, MO and also do software development for Onshore Outsourcing in Macon, MO. I will be discussing Bowling as well as technology in our sport and things that could be done better. I will also be looking for your opinions and suggestions to make this blog a better place to visit.

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