Kansas City Tournaments 7/1/17

Another Tournament is in the books, this time at Summit Lanes in Lee’s Summit, MO.

This tournament was conducted on the PBA Scorpion pattern (41′ version). The format of this tournament was bowl 6 games, then cut to top 4 for a stepladder style roll-off.

It played fairly difficult especially early and late in the tournament. See images below for details on the bowling.

I was able to qualify in second. In my roll off match I had to stand in front of the ball return on the right lane to get my Storm Hyroad to the pocket. I threw that ball all day with the exception of the first game when I switched to the Code Red for a game. The shot was difficult, but I still had an opportunity to win my match. Unfortunately, I missed too many spares in that game. I finished in 3rd place and also important, made a profit.

After bowling we went to Pizza Ranch, placed our order and waited………….. for 45 minutes, when we asked about our food, we were told it wasn’t even on the conveyor yet. We asked for a refund and went to culvers instead. đŸ™‚

Lessons learned:

  1.     I still have a lot of work to do to not allow myself to be distracted.
  2.     I will continue to practice and prepare for the senior tour next year.
  3.     Don’t try to eat at Pizza Ranch.

Thank you for reading.

Next tournament is on July 4th, 2017 at Olathe East lanes.



About ibowlbrookfield

I am Brian Menini a Professional Bowler during the years 2000-2011, & 2017- ???? . I currently own Brookfield Bowl in Brookfield, MO and also do software development for Onshore Outsourcing in Macon, MO. I will be discussing Bowling as well as technology in our sport and things that could be done better. I will also be looking for your opinions and suggestions to make this blog a better place to visit.

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